29 Jul

Stallholder Spotlight – Hart Mind & Food

Stallholder spotlight  Hart mind & food blank

Hi, I’m Linz from Hart Mind and Food.   I’m a chef and culinary consultant, a stall-holder and owner of an on-line well-being food business. I take on the challenge, with much joy, of using alternative ingredients, and the ordinary, garden-grown variety of plant foods, for those that require, or simply desire, gluten free, vegan and paleo options.   Our food is created to help stimulate the appetite, be easy on the digestion, boost flagging energy and support the immune system – not forgetting for a moment – that food must taste as good as it looks!   Our pre-packed, ready to go food is small batch production, locally grown wherever possible, made with love and respect for the humble fruit and vegetable … think Vitality on a plate!   I love to talk with customers about food – and welcome you to come chat for recipe ideas , ingredients and benefits they might have.   Having moved to Kerikeri at Christmas time, the market has been the best way ever to meet the community through my abiding passion – Food and people.


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