01 Apr

Stallholder Spotlight FlourPower Bakery

spotlight 1.4.15My slogan is “Bread made with love, passion and other natural ingredients”. I just love to make good food. I hope that my customers will find some of my passion and my love in every slice of my bread. I hope they see and taste that my heart is in every bread roll and pretzel. What gets me out of bed at 1 a.m. is customers who come back and tell me how delicious my bread was. Or the happy face of a child holding that pretzel in their hand. I love selling my breads and cakes as much as I love making them. There are many things like enhancers or artificial additives you will not find in any of my products. But you will find that time is an ingredient in artisan bread making. That’s how I see it. A bread which has time to develop is the best bread you can have. Our life is busy and fast enough. Bread baking is slowing down and giving it time. And so should eating good artisan bread be, too. Actually all eating should be like this.

I am true to my vision. That’s the only way I know. If I am not 100%  behind a product I won’t do it. And my vision is to provide an enjoyable, healthy and high quality product without any shortcuts.

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