29 Sep

Stallholder Spotlight- Feel Good Food

Stallholder spotlight feel good food

Feel Good Food
We believe that a healthy happy gut creates healthy happy people that feel good. Boosting beneficial Bacteria is what we’re all about!
Whether it’s Pork Belly Sandwich, Hangi, Mussel Fritters or something else for lunch we offer the ultimate Probiotic and Enzyme rich Condiment to enhance your digestion and have you feeling good from the inside out.
Kombucha the ancient life-promoting tonic is a probiotic powerhouse that we sell by the cup and by the bottle.
Raw Preserved Vegies, Sauerkraut and Kimchi we sell in take-home jars and biodegradable containers as well as offering individual meal sized portions to compliment your market meal – nutritiously and deliciously!
Find us behind Poppa Lin’s Oysters and next to Rongoa Magic.

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