31 May

Stallholder Spotlight- Aoteoroa Gemstones

Aotearoa Gemstones is the creation of Mirielle & Logan de Ridder.  We have been carving gemstones for the past 15 years, specialising in handcrafted NZ Gemstone jewellery and art.  We pride ourselves on sourcing and handcrafting ethically gathered NZ Gemstones including Pounamu, Petrified Wood, Schists, Agates and some very rare gemstones only found in NZ including Aotea and Petrified Shell.  All of our work is hand worked and polished, which creates a natural finish unlike a factory finish. Our carvings are not mass produced so each piece is individual and unique.  We have a large range of stock and can also work with the customer to create an individual handcrafted piece specific to the customers requirements.  We also carry out repairs and rebindings.  If you are after something different, made in NZ from NZ products come and check out our products.
stallholder spotlight aeotearoa gemstones








24 May

Stallholder Spotlight- Robert Van Der Touw- Artist & Homeopath

robert van der touuw spotlight

I studied the medicinal properties of native plants for many years. With my art I endeavour to capture the ‘personality’ and gift quality of plants so that the person that purchases the art not only enjoys the beauty but also derives a sense of wellbeing from it.

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