23 Feb

Stallholder Spotlight- Kainui Brew Co

Stallholder spotlight Kainui Brew Co Horizontal

 Kainui Brew Co. is a local nano-brewery focused on producing full flavoured craft beer.   We’re a new company, launching in October last year and we’re currently making beer that we like to drink.  We’ll continue to experiment with different recipes and move with the seasons to give the customer a taste of beer styles from around the world.   The focus for us is all about beer quality which is why our brewer spends hours each day thinking and experimenting with ways to improve processes and ingredients so you can relax and enjoy the end product.  We’ll be selling beer in 1.25 and 2L re-usable flagons but feel free to bring your own vessel.
16 Feb

Stallholder Spotlight- Kats Reflexology

Hi I’m Kat, a qualified reflexologist working in the Bay of Islands for over eight years.You can find me every Saturday inside the Redwoods room – where the new coffee bar is.
I offer 10/20/30 minute sessions  – time to sit back, relax, take the weight off your feet and enjoy the benefits of this deeply relaxing massage technique.
Reflexology works on the principle that there are reflex points in the hands and feet that correspond to all glands, organs, and parts of the body so not only does it feel great for tired,aching feet it is actually a wonderful whole body tonic.
I love what I do and enjoy the buzz of the market where I get to catch up with all my regulars.Looking forward to meeting you there!


10 Feb

Stallholder Spotlight- In Light Creations

Hi ! My name is Raewyn Ireland, my main forte is natural healing ( 18 +) years, plus I do readings. I am available to do this work from home. Call in for an information brochure at my stall.
I have a paStallholder spotlight In lightssion for sparkly things and a love of photography. This spills over into the creation of genuine swarovski crystal suncatchers, angels and jewellery. Check out my photographic art both framed and in canvas and photoblock forms- with birds being a favourite subject. If you are looking for something extra special- id love to help with a custom made gift.
If the sun is shining, you can follow the crystals to my stall and bask in their in light.

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