Events @ The Old Packhouse Market

A great time was to be had by those who joined us for Ocean & Orchard@The Old Packhouse, the rain did little to dampen spirits.

Opened by the Bay Windjammers,we relaxed and partook in fine wines and local produce until it was time for the incredible Imferfect Offering.

We hope you will join us next time!

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Planning for the 2016 event at The Old Packhouse Market on March 26 is going well.   Charmaine Soljak of The Hits will be MC on the day – you can expect a fun and entertaining few hours …. So bring your friends and come along.

There will be plenty of local foodies offering a scrumptious array of food treats including seafood, meat and vegetarian options. The famous and very fat Poppa Lin’s oysters are back again, as well as Logan’s very “full of whitebait” fritters, Mrs Millers mussel fritters, and smoked fish delicacies from the Russel Smokehouse.

Six of the local vineyards are participating, along with two local Craft Beer stalls, and Sovrano Limoncello offering their popular lemon Mojito cocktails. Non-alcoholic beveredges are available including juices and fruit smoothies, iced tea and iced coffee.

eattingEntertainment will include the annual Fastest Lemon Sucker competition and other fun entertainment in between the music acts.

  • Tickets only $20, and Free for 17 years and under.
  • There is a CASH OUT facility on site so if you forget your funds you don’t need to worry!!!






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On October the 17th we celebrated our first Birthday with an Oyster ” Feastival” .

There was fun and games to be had by all  including oyster eating competitions. The highlight of the day was “the most disgusting” way to eat an oyster! Won by Rob Hemi who had a very unique method of splattering it onto the ground, scraping it up and devouring its deliciousness !!!

We had our very own Oyster Queen the Lovely Dominique Zivkovich, raffles, prizes, and masses of stallholder specials. We look forward to next year’s!